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One pair of mid-mount 10" inside speaker ring adapters for 2014-2023 Harley Davidson Touring style saddlebags. This Kit allows you to install 2- 10" speakers (midrange/midbass)(1 left & 1 right) inside your HD saddlebags. It also leaves space in the bag for an additional port, horn, tweeter or a small amp. Our rings are contoured to allow a flat mounting surface in the middle of the bag.


KIT INCLUDES: Mounting rings, stainless steel hardware, installation instructions & drill templates for sound holes


*Please note that this product will work with the aftermarket saddlebags, but may require slight modification (EASILY SANDABLE)


-These will work with the new Harley lever style mounting bolt locks


- NO EPOXY NEEDED - can be removed and reused if you upgrade or need to repair your saddlebags.


- Made from semi-rigid waterproof plastic


- Compatible with 2014-2023 saddlebags



  • PRV 10W1000
  • PRV10W650
  • PRV MT10W1200-NDY-4
  • Ground Zero GZCK 250XSPL (yellow basket)
  • Faital Pro 10RS350
  • Euphoria EX10NMB
  • MMATS PA1010
  • Cicada CMB10.4

10" Mid-Mount Harley Saddlebag Speaker Mounting Rings 2014-2023 NO GRILLS

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