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Now available for customers looking to outside mount their 10" woofers in order to seal their bags, bolt or bond on. Made from semi- rigid waterproof plastic. Speaker ring has an OD of 10 7/8" & ID of 9 1/4"

Kit includes: left and right adapter rings, mounting hardware and instructions



Porting made easy! Simply drill a 3.5" hole in your bag, bolt the plate in with the included hardware and gasket then slip the elbow in and tighten the set screw, once you've decided the best position and length for your bags silicone/glue it in. The included elbow gives you 7" of length which is easily extended with standard scedule 40 pvc pipe. 


Not sure where to start with length? Give one of our techs and call and they can do the math for you! 


10" Harley Outside Mount Speaker Adapters & Bolt-On 3" Ports

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