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Our new bolt in seals make increasing your sound quality easy! If using our inside mount speaker rings, you should need little to no modifications to install. Slight differences in bags, placement or speakers may require slight trimming of the panel to fit proper. Only requires 2 small holes to be drilled in the back wall of the bag to mount, the other side mounts to the OEM lid hardware. Silicone caulking or gasket maker can be used to seal perimeter.


Kit includes:

-Left and right bag panels

-Caps for cut out

-8/32" SS hardware

-SS Coarse screws for caps

-Carpet (to be installed by customer)



*If you have aftermarket bag lid hardware you may need Metric screws to bolt on seal. Confirm hardware before installing.*


*If you have speaker lids you may need to trim and fill a small section of the panel depending on what lids/speakers you're using.*


*If installing with another manufacturers install rings additional trimming and customizing may be required.*



2014-2022 8" Harley Saddlebag Bolt In Seal Plate/Brace

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