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One pair of mid-mount 10" inside speaker ring adapters for the new 2024 Harley Davidson motorcycle saddlebags. This kit allows you to install 2- 10" speakers (midrange/midbass)(1 left & 1 right) inside your saddlebags. Our rings are contoured to allow a flat mounting surface in the middle of the bag.


For recommendations on speaker choice, porting, bracing, and lid speaker options please contact us and we can guide you in the right direction. 


KIT INCLUDES: Mounting rings, cloth, stainless steel hardware, installation instructions, drill templates for sound holes and cutting templates for partial or full cutouts


*We now offer a premium splash shield (waterproof cloth) that is included in our kits*



*Our premium splash shield repels water, dirt, dust, etc. The mesh is also hydrophobic, it will repel water & splashes of water. Although it is hydrophobic & can repel water, it is not entirely waterproof.*


Our mounting rings:


- Are contoured to allow a flat mounting surface in the saddlebag

- NO EPOXY NEEDED - can be removed and reused if you upgrade or need to repair your saddlebags.

- Made from semi-rigid waterproof plastic

- Come in a paintable raw black finish



  • PRV 10W1000
  • PRV10W650
  • PRV MT10W1200-NDY-4
  • Ground Zero GZCK 250XSPL (yellow basket)
  • Faital Pro 10RS350
  • Euphoria EX10NMB
  • MMATS PA1010
  • Cicada CMB10.4

2024 10" Mid-mount Harley Saddlebag Speaker Mounting Rings & Kit w/CLOTH

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